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Yanartaş(Chimarea) stands on  the slopes of the Cirali Olympos Beach ,about at a 300m height.At Chimarea which was a Likya city,there is a fire burning since the old ages of antique times and it  occures from the burning of the gas coming up to the surface. The fire which was  stronger before converted to  many small fires.
Its more effective to watch the fires when its dark than the daylight. By walking 20m from the Ören Place its possible to reach this area.
Upon the time there had been a  legendary nice guy Bellerophontes, living in Argos,Greek. Since he was desiring the flying horse Pegasus ,he had run after it many days but he couldnt. One day in his dream the Gods had told him how to catch the horse. And like they had told him,he cought the horse while it was drinking with the golden bit. One day Bellerophontes kills someone by mistake and leaves Argos and took refuge in the Tıryns King’s Palace. Then the  Queen fells in love with the guy in a very short time. She asks him for a relation. But Bellerophontes refuses her offer since he is a guest and doesnt want to betray the owner of the palace. After this the Queen wants to take a revenge by lying the King with telling that he wanted have her. The King gets annoyed but doesnt want to kill him and sends him to his father-in-law with a letter. Bellerophontes reaches Lykia.The King meets him near the Xanthos river and hosts him 9days. On the 9th day he opens the letter and understand that he has to be killed. But he can’t do this and wants Khimaira to do this. Khimaira is a creative which is in front a lion and in back is snake and has a  body as a goat and sprays flames from its mouth. Bellerophontes with the Gods’ wishes and help of Pegasos kills the Khimaira. As far as the King gives Bellerophontes very very hard stuff to do ,he could succeed all of them . After this the King believes that he has came from a God Race and he gives his daughter him as a wife with many gifts beside. Bellerophontes comes from the Poseidon Race .
From this marrige they had three children.Daughter Laodameia had relation with Zeus and Sarpedon takes birth from this and becomes the King of Lykia when he grows up.Then he enters the Troya Battle. There he gets angry to people escaping from the battle and says that he had came from a far way to fight and he has been killed by Patroklos who was fighting with Akhilleus weapons. Before he gives his last breath he gives his place to Glaukos and then he dies.Zeus orders Apollon to bring his son’s death to Lykia. Chimarea who has taken birth from the relation of underground creatives Typon and Ekhidna ,used to live in the mountain called Cirali and Yanartaş and can be seen from Olympos. When Bellerophontes has killed the Chimarea,it was still spraying flames from its mouth while giving the last breath…!! How many times in a life u can have the chance to visit such a legendary place,ask yourself please..!